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School Council 2011-2012

The school Council is a body of pupils elected by their peers in class who assist in some of the decision making in the school.

This year's newly elected council will be carrying out a number of tasks such as the organisation of the Shoebox Appeal and Clothes recycling. They will also continue with some issues that were raised by students in classes last year, namely to consider redesigning the school uniform.

The concept of School councils is intended to give pupils an opportunity to mirror the way in which decisions are taken, or not taken in the adult world. We have a nomination process for pupils in years 4-7, a period of campaigning and then an election. After the election process, the School Council attend meetings on a regular basis with the designated School Council teacher, Mr.Lavery to discuss ideas on how to make our school a better place.

Councillors are usually taken to Stormont to get a taste of the world of politics and discover what important decisions are taken that impact on our daily lives.

This years student Councillors are:

P4A- Laura McKillen, Daniel Lavery and Conor Hastings.

P4B- Charlotte Neeson and Shane Hinfey

P5A – Carla O'Neill and Conor Maguire

P5B- Rebecca Totten and Brian Fitzgerald

P6A- Conor McCamphill and Rebecca Millar

P6B- Declan Bass and Caoilfhinn O'Donnell

P7A- Mollie Mc Caw and Ciaran O'Neill

P7B- Hannah Maguire and Ryan Gordan