School Life

  • Admission 

Enrolment No: 444 Admissions: 60

Principal: Mrs. Geraldine Carville

Chair of Board of Governors: Mr. F. Devenny

Mount St. Michael's is a Catholic Maintained Primary School. The school is a co-educational school with 361 children presently on the roll. The first National School was opened in Randalstown in 1833. This school moved from its original site, off New Street, to our present site in 1893. Since then the school has grown from two classrooms to a large building with 11 classrooms, a Nursery Unit, a well-equipped gymnasium and a dining hall. The school also has several areas for storage of resources and offices in the main building.There are four additional classrooms sited in the playground.


In selecting children for admission to the school we will apply the criteria as set out in the N.E. Area Board's Handbook, copies of which are available on request from the school.Applications for admission in September 2010 totalled 49, all of whom were admitted into P1.

Parents of pupils beginning school in September 2011 will receive details of a meeting in June at which they will be given a brief outline of the school day for their children and an overview of the P1 curriculum. This will be followed up by a meeting with the individual P1 teachers during which the children will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their teacher and classroom.

In September, children entering P1 will be admitted in small groups over a period of two – three weeks. This helps them to become more familiar with their surroundings and enables teachers to assess the children's pre-school experience.

On entering the school pupils are generally grouped into two parallel, mixed ability streams ensuring that there is an even distribution of age range and a balance of sexes.